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9th World Congress for People Who Stutter - Argentina 2011
18.05.2011 - 21.05.2011
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From  the website of the organisation:

World congress 2011


Argentina welcomes the 9th World Congress for people who stutter and 2nd Ibero-Latin American Congress on Stuttering.

As Chairman of the Organizing Committee, I invite you to participate in this event, scheduled for the first time in Argentina.

Share with us a dream, that in May 2011 will be realized.

It is an unique opportunity to meet with national and international scientific personalities and discover the world of stuttering with the full participation of people who stutter worldwide.

Sharing experiences and new knowledge through all the instances that we propose in the development of Congress. Workshops, lectures, music, art, singing, expression, color, dance...

Each of us will enrich the different moments prepared for this occasion.

Argentina Stuttering Association develops different objectives in all these years of continuous work as a nonprofit institution and wish to contribute in achieving the following objectives together:

  • Promote awareness of the problem of stuttering.
  • Present the latest research on the different aspects of this problem.
  • Generate interest in research in Spain and Latin America.
  • Widening participation of people who stutter in Latin America
  • Stimulate the formation of Mutual Aid Groups and Partnerships with leading role of disfluent people, promoting awareness and social participation.
  • Develop appropriate programs in education, increasing the information to teachers.
  • Continue with the defensive/preventive task of this difficulty at an early age.
  • Ethics in the implementation of treatments and commitment of people who stutter in maintaining the attitude of change.

It is a pleasure and an honor to receive all of you; ensuring a friendly meeting and full of knowledge.

Accept and integrate to understand.

The International Stuttering Association
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