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3-5 Sept 2010 - Nordisk Seminar - Korsør, Denmark Click here for details...

18-21 May 2011 - 9th World Congress for People Who Stutter - Argentina 2011 Click here for details...
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The latest edition of One Voice, the newsletter of The International Stuttering Association and ELSA, is now available. Click here for details...

20 - 22 Nov 2009- All Poland Stuttering Meeting in Lublin. read more here

11 Nov 2009- Articles added to from Youth Meeting 2009 participants. read more here

1-22 Oct 2009 - ISAD Online conference 2009
This conference takes place every year from the 1st of October until the 22nd of October (International Stuttering Awareness Day).
The theme of this years conference is : STUTTERING: More Than A Tangled Tongue

There are postings form people all over the world and everybody is invited to join the conference. It's online and it's for free!!
read more here

A lot of participants of last ELSA Youth Meeting allowed Michael Sugarman to use their pictures for including them into a slideshow of people who stutter, especially created for the ISAD2009. Watch this slideshow on this adress.

22 Oct 2009 - In Brno, Czech Republik there will be a conference on International Stuttering Awareness day (22 october).
Topic of the conference: Neurological Aspects of Stuttering. read more here or apply on this form.

11-13 Sept 2009 - Iceland will host the yearly Nordic Stuttering seminar (NORDISK) in 2009, It will be held at Hotel Laki from September 11-13th. The theme of the Seminar is "Let´s play" read more here

1 Aug 2009 - ELSA Youth Meeting a huge success. read more here

20 July 2009 - ELSA gets ready for the 2009 Youth Meeting with a Press Release. read more here

31 May 2009 - ELSA has produced a 2009 update of the "International and European Disability Policy Relating to Stuttering - What You Need to Know and Why" read more here

03 Mar 2009 - ELSA join the campaign against Google, who are allowing dubious adverts for stuttering "cures" to be placed on the internet... read more here

27 Jan 2009 - Nominations for delegates are now open for ELSA's 7th Youth meeting, due to take place in Settle, England on 25-31 July 2009. For more information and details on how to nominate a young person to attend, download the official invite. The deadline is 15 May 2009.

10 Jan 2009 - Some of John Harrison's articles on stuttering have been translated into French. You can read them at the Stuttering Homepage.

12 Dec 2008 - Check out this excellent short film by Vancouver Film School, titled "Ssssstuttering: It's easier for you to say".

02 Dec 2008 - "To Speak", an award-winning short movie about stuttering, featured at the European Day of Disabled People conference. Click here to read more!

09 Nov 2008 - ELSA is now working with The European Clinical Specialization in Fluency Disorders (ECSF). Click here to read more!

01 Nov 2008 - ELSA welcomes a new member association from Serbia. Click here to see a full list of ELSA's members.

20 Oct 2008 - The International Cluttering Association has been added to ELSA's links. ICA was formed in May 2007 to increase public and professional awareness about this little-known communication disorder.

20 Sept 2008 - The Czech Speech Therapist Association, the Czech Medical Association Brno , the Institute of educational and psychological counselling, the Association of speech therapists in education, and the Czech Nurse Association are holding an ISAD Conference on 24th October 2008. Click here to download their brochure and for more information.

10 Sept 2008 - International Stuttering Awareness Day (ISAD) is on October 22nd. The ISAD Online Conference will be held on The Stuttering Homepage from 1-22nd October. Click here to visit, or here to download an information brochure (pdf format).

18 Aug 2008 - The latest edition of One Voice, the newsletter of The International Stuttering Association and ELSA, is now available. Click here for details...

02 July 2008 - A person who stutters wins best communicator award in Croatia. Read more here...

10 June 2008 - ELSA volunteer Irina Papancheva has been offered a position of Communication Officer at the European Disability Forum (EDF) - an umbrella organisation for Europe's disability associations in Brussels. Read more here...

14 May 2008 - ELSA Welcomes a new member association! VILKO MAZI is the association for people who stutter in Slovenia. Click here for more information...

25 April 2008 - P-piece of the P-puzzle - A report by Richard Bourgondiën on ELSA Vice-chair Anita Blom’s presentation at the European Symposium of Fluency Disorders - click here to read the article!

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