MAY 2001

MAY 2001 - ELSA issues a notice to all Stuttering Associations that a funding opportunity has been identified...

MAY 2001

On May 15 2001, ELSA issued a notice to all National Stuttering Associations that a funding opportunity had been identified. This is just an example of the information dissemination that ELSA routinely participates in. Similar new opportunities will appear on ELSA's front page.

The European Commission was offering funding to organisations that encourage cooperation between Member States in order to combat social exclusion and promote social inclusion, in line with the provisions of the Amsterdam Treaty.

Funding, up to Euro 9 million was available for: conducting and disseminating research making for a better understanding of social exclusion, action to help the most vulnerable and promoting innovative approaches for combating exclusion through the exchange of good practices. Proposals had to involve organisations from at least three member states.

ELSA was prepared to be one of the partners if other organisations were interested.

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