APRIL 2002-2

APRIL 2002 - Details of the Madrid Declaration are published...

APRIL 2002

From 20 to 23 March 2002, within the framework of Spain's Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the "European Congress on People with Disabilities" was held in Madrid.

During these four days, over 400 participants representing every social sector, and from different European and Latin American countries met in Spain's capital city.

The "European Congress on People with Disabilities" was conceived with the purpose of serving as a forum to analyse, debate, propose and promote new community policies that will make it possible to advance a new model for the full social inclusion of people with disabilities in Europe. The "Madrid Declaration", a declaration of a political nature was conceived as a reflection of the work done in the Congress, it includes legislative and political proposals as well as proposals for action for the year 2003: "European Year of People with Disabilities".

The congress was attended by members of associations of people with disabilities in Europe, as well as representatives of public authorities of different member States and candidate countries, EU institutions, business and trade union associations and other social agents whose collaboration and commitment is absolutely necessary in order for people with disabilities to attain true social integration.

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