MAY 2003

MAY 2003 - ELSA Official Gina Waggott attends the Athens youth conference, "A Barrier-Free Europe for Young People with Disabilities"...

MAY 2003

ELSA Official Gina Waggott attends a conference titled ' A Barrier Free Europe for Young People with Disabilities'.

On 16 and 17 May, in the framework of the European Year of People with Disabilities and the Greek Presidency of the European Union, the Greek Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, in cooperation with the European Disability Forum, the European Youth Forum and the Greek National Confederation of People with Disabilities, organised a European Youth Conference in Athens entitled “Towards a barrier free Europe for young people with disabilities”.

The objectives of the Conference were to increase political participation of young disabled people, to mainstream disability in youth policy and to set up a disability youth network. Several workshops on the main themes of the EU White Paper on Youth policy were organized allowing full and active participation of young people with and without disabilities.

The closing session was devoted to discussing a common declaration based on the discussions of the workshops to raise awareness on the needs of young people with disabilities to fully participate in a society without barriers in the same way as all young people.

To read the declaration, click here.

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