OCTOBER 2003-2

OCTOBER 2003 - ELSA hosts a major Stuttering & Disability Awareness seminar in Strasbourg as part of the European Year of People with Disabilities.


On 17-19 October 2003, ELSA hosted a conference in Strasbourg with the title 'Stuttering and Disability Awareness', within the framework of the European Year of People with Disabilites.

The topic of raising awareness of stuttering was discussed, and within the context of the EYPD we explored what can be done to improve the conditions for people who stutter (pws) Europe wide. We looked at the how the increased use of the internet has provided for improved access to information for pws and their families. Additionally we explored how EU and national legislation can be of benefit to pws.

The meeting was planned to coincide with International Stuttering Awareness Day 22 October 2003.

The meeting was hosted by the Association Vaincre Le Bégaiement (AVB) in conjunction with the European League of Stuttering Associations (ELSA).

To read the special Voice of ELSA report dedicated to the seminar, check the publications

ELSA's Press Release about the conference

March 2003

The European League of Stuttering Associations (ELSA) is pleased to announce that their Stuttering & Disability Conference will take place at the Ciarus Conference Centre, Strasbourg, 17-19 October 2003.

At this conference the key players from Europe's National Stuttering Associations will gather together to discuss and further the raising awareness of stuttering.

At the conference ELSA will also launch their new brochure:

“International and European Disability Policy Relating to Stuttering:
What you need to know and why”

The conference has been placed in the calendar to mark the International Stuttering Awareness Day on 22 October 2003. The conference will also officially launch the International Year of the Child who Stutters 2004.

The conference has received the support of the European Union within the framework of the European Year of People with Disabilities 2003.

Further details can be found on www.elsa.info

For additional information please contact:
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