AUGUST 2004 - ELSA Official Gina Waggott is elected to the Youth Committee of the European Disability Forum...



ELSA Official Gina Waggott was recently elected as a board member of the new European Disability Forum Youth Committee, which met for the first time in Brussels this September. There are 6 members of the committee, Gina is the only representative associated with stuttering, and the only UK board member.

The Youth Committee's role is:

o to add a youth dimension in EDF work in general

o to make disability visible in mainstream youth work at all levels : - European level : EU institutions, Council of Europe, European Youth Forum - International level : United Nations - National, regional and local level

o to monitor EU Youth policy o to promote the participation of young people with disabilities in disability and mainstream organisations and participate in the decisions which concerns them

o representation in disability / mainstream conferences/seminars

The Commitee'sAims for the Future are:

o To foster EDF's participation in the European Youth Forum activities and work (to seek cooperation partnership to participate in events, Youth Forum working groups and mainstream youth policy work)

o To improve monitoring of EU Youth policy

o To improve the mainstreaming of youth disability issues

o To improve the participation of young disabled people in EU programmes

o To improve the participation of young disabled people at decision-making level and in political life

o To develop and structure a youth disability organisations within a network and build a strong cooperation

o To produce a publication on youth and disability (long term legacy of the EDF Youth Committee's work)

Gina has already taken an active role in making the committee'saims a reality and is currently writing an article for the EDF on media and disability to be distributed at a wide European level.

The International Stuttering Association
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