SEPTEMBER - Anita Blom, Vice Chair of ELSA, gave a presentation and workshop at the 3rd Congress of Croatioan Speech and Language Pathologists in Dubrovnik, Croatia..

Sept 05 - Anita Blom of ELSA speaks in Croatia and Czech Republic

Outreach and contacts with Speech Therapists are two of ELSA's key objectives, and we are happy that Vice Chair Anita Blom was invited to Dubrovnik to speak and do a workshop at the 3rd CONGRESS OF CROATIAN SPEECH AND LANGUAGE PATHOLOGISTS 28th of September to 1st of October 2005. Please check for more information.

Anita Blom of ELSA gives her presentation to the Congress

Anita also gave a speech during the ISAD open day 22 October at the Clinic for people with speech disorders in Borno, Czech Republic.


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