02 Dec 2008 - "To Speak", an award-winning short movie about stuttering, featured at the European Day of Disabled People conference.

"To Speak", the award-winning short film by Erik Lamens, features at the European Day of Disabled People Conference 2008

To Speak, a movie made by Belgian filmmaker Erik Lamens was included in a selection of five videos, which all the 320 participants in the European Day of Disabled People conference received on a DVD as a gift.

An extract of the movie was shown at the conference, followed by a presentation by Erik. His sharing of his personal story (on which the plot of the movie is based) was strongly applauded by the other conference participants.

The topic of the conference was ‘Acting Locally for a Society for All’. The European Disability Forum (EDF) and the European Commission traditionally organise this event around the 3rd of December - the European Day of Disabled People.

Lamens’ 14 min film envisages the difficulties and bullying that a stuttering boy faces throughout his childhood and adolesence.

To Speak has won several Belgian and International film awards.

ELSA was represented at the conference by board member Gina Waggott, and by Bulgarian Stuttering Association board member Irina Papancheva, who currently works at EDF.

The International Stuttering Association
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