Announcement ELSA Youth Meeting 2011

The 8th ELSA Youth Meeting, at Giggleswick, near Settle United Kingdom, 16-22 July 2011.


The European League of Stuttering Associations (ELSA) is holding a Youth Meeting in July 2011 at a location in the north of England. This is ELSA’s 8th Youth Meeting, the first being in Linköping at the time the World Congress in 1995, the second in Nijmegen in 1997, the third in Mullsjö, Sweden in 2000 and the fourth, fifth, and sixth again in Nijmegen in 2003, 2005 and 2007, the seventh was at Giggleswick in 2009.

This letter is addressed to the Boards/Committees and offices of every European National Stuttering Association inviting you to nominate up to four people between 18 and 26 years old who stutter to participate in the Youth Meeting.

The meeting will be 6 days starting Saturday evening 16 July and finishing Friday morning 22 July. The Meeting will consist of workshops, lectures, presentations, social outings and many other activities. The title of the Youth Meeting is:


“The Right to be Heard”

Social Inclusion and Human Rights starts online

Download the official invitation letter to all associations as PDF.
Download the extra letter for participants as PDF.


One Voice 29

The latest One Voice is there.
One Voice is published by the International Stuttering Assocation (ISA) and ELSA


Dansk Videnscenter for Stammen (DAVS)

ELSA has added support to retain the high profile of the Dansk Videnscenter for Stammen (DAVS). The Social Ministry in Denmark is planning to integrate DAVS into a larger organisation of handicap and disability functions.
read the letter to the Ministry of Social Affairs


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