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Bulgarian Stuttering Association SIZ
36 Hristo Belchev Str., fl. 1
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Ivan Mitev

Key Objectives

The Bulgarian Stuttering Association – SIZ (functioning from its founding in 1992 to 2004) is a non-profit organization of and for people who stutter, their parents, relatives and friends. It is estimated that there are over 70,000 persons who stutter in Bulgaria.

Our mission is to provide information about stuttering, its therapy and everything, related to it. To empower people who stutter to stand up for their rights and to raise stuttering awareness in sociaty.

Our vision is a society in which people who stutter do not feel guilt, fear and shame becaus of their stuttering and are treated in a respectful way.

SIZ’ activities include:

- Providing free advices and information about the existing speech therapy in Bulgaria and the world
- Providing the initial support to parents of children, who stutter
- Raising stuttering awareness in society
- Enabling contact and dialogue among all the parties related to the problem
- Translating, publishing and distributing specialised literature – leaflets, information materials and books with the support of sponsors and publishers
- Organising speech therapy courses for children, youngsters and elderly people
- Organising seminars for people who stutter and parents of children who stutter.

Our motto is:

“To enable people who stutter to live without speech, psychological and social deficiency.”
The International Stuttering Association
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