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Bundesvereinigung Stotterer-Selbsthilfe e.V.
Zülpicher Straße 58
+49/221-139 11 06
about 2000
Stuttering needs a lobby
Better stutter than be silence.

The German Stuttering-Association is a special interest group of stuttering people in Germany and the only asscociation in Germany, who counsels and informs about the topic stuttering broadly and independently.

The goal of the association is to work against the beginning of stuttering and to improve the life situation of stuttering people.

Tasks of the German Stuttering Association are:
- Materials for first informations
- public relation and kampagnes
- publication of literature, advisers, children books and films about
stuttering (own bublishing house - "Demosthenes Verlag")

- Lobbywork and corporation: Reducing the discriomination
Prevention and school support, clearness about relevant rights

- Counceling and therapie: individual specialist counseling, therapie
catalogue, active corporation with occupational unions and research

- Selfhelp and seminars: helping with founding organisations of
stuttering selfhelp groups, seminars for stuttering people and their
families, charing experience and networking


Anja Herde
The International Stuttering Association
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