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Nederlandse stottervereniging Demosthenes
Postbus 119
3500 AC
The Dutch association has three websites.

The main one is on, then there is a youth-group with an own site at and there is the cooperative site with therapists on


Richard Bourgondiƫn
Achter 't Zand 9
4103 XM
0031-345 531042

Key Objectives

The goal of the Dutch stuttering association is to support children, youth and adults who stutter.
On our website you can find a lot of information about stuttering, exchange experiences and feelings on our forum or chatbox, and find other people who stutter.

Demosthenes does organise several meetings during the year. Social events like a walking or cycling trip, but also workshops with NLP or presentations of new developments in stuttering-treatment.

There also is a youth-group, which comes together several times a year to have, mostly social, meetings.

Demosthenes cooperate with an association of stuttering therapists in the NFS. This is a federation which is active in spreading information and awareness.

The association is beeing funded from a govermental organisation.
The International Stuttering Association
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