Are you ready for the week of your life???!!!

One week at the European Youth Meeting means one week of personal development, networking and fun with people your age coming from all over Europe.

Near the small village of Loosbroek, close to the city of 's Hertogenbosch in The Netherlands you will find a refurbished farmhouse, typical Dutch food, lots of green open areas and big and small cosy group rooms to work and relax in.

The week starts with getting to know each other in different ways and getting used to speaking English for one week. The following days are filled with workshops on social networking such Facebook, Twitter, blogs, YouTube etc. and how you can start your own (online) community. We will also be discussing stuttering and how it’s being projected by the media and the outside world, the workings of national stuttering associations, human rights and how this work can raise awareness of stuttering. Also you will hear from experts how to start your own youth-group for people who stutter and how reach the potential members. The week ends with a loooong night of dancing, music and goodbyes. Of course there will be time to relax, chat, play football, swimming in the small lake and enjoy the beautiful Dutch countryside close by.

We think your reaction of the week will be the same as former delegates: your view on stuttering will change, you will realize that YOU can make a difference, to yourself and to others, and that you will find friends for life. Many previous delegates have said this was a life changing week.

After an ELSA Youth Meeting we have seen delegates change jobs and studies, becoming a board member and even chair of their national stuttering association. In 2013 two former delegates have successfully taken up the challenge to organize the 10th World Congress for people who stutter!


But do read the invitation letter to learn about the requirements and contact your national stuttering association as soon as possible if you want to follow in the footsteps of hundreds of others! You may also like to take a look at the ELSA web-site click onto “Youth Meetings” where information on the former Youth meetings can be viewed.


Hope to hear and see you soon!

Anita S. Blom (S), Edwin J. Farr MBE (GB), Richard Bourgondiën (NL)
For and on behalf of the European League of Stuttering Associations


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The International Stuttering Association

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