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ELSA Leaflet 2001


ELSA is a trans-national, cross-cultural Organisation. It can seek resources only open to multi-national groups. It extends the exchange-of-information network. It can represent, and lobby for, people who stutter at a different level. Its main roles are:
  • to link together and further the co-operation of Europe's national provide a forum for exchange of concepts and experiences in stuttering therapy and help represent, and lobby for, the interests of people who stutter to European and International put stuttering on to the European agenda to ensure that the needs and challenges faced by people who stutter are considered in a European context.
  • to help the personal development of young people who stutter.

ELSA is a founding member of the European Disability Forum (EDF) and has participated in programmes for people who stutter with the European Commission and the Council of Europe. ELSA co-operates with the International Fluency Association (IFA) and has links and dialogue with many other European and International NGO's. ELSA contributes to the International Stuttering Awareness Day (ISAD) on 22 October every year. ELSA consists of an Executive Board, committees and project teams, comprising people who stutter from all walks of life, some work in the field of stuttering therapy and some are active in disability organisations across Europe.


The scope of ELSA's role is enormous. Some of its priorities are to:
  • lobby at European and International level together with cross disability alliances to combat discrimination, reduce social exclusion and advocate for equal opportunity.raise public awareness of stuttering to ensure a true recognition of this neglected problem.promote the principles of the "UN Standard Rules on the Equalisation of Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities."improve the services that the national stuttering associations and self-help Organisations provide.encourage an integrated approach to stuttering therapy.
  • develop and build a database on stuttering to broaden the knowledge and experience of stuttering.promote research and exchange of ideas ensuring that models of good therapy practice can be successfully repeated while failed initiatives and bad practices are the training of professionals and volunteers.continue to facilitate important exchange of stuttering information seminars.
  • continue to organise youth meetings for young people who stutter - the young being important stakeholders for the development of all stuttering organisations.


The self-help activities and national stuttering association work described represent a cost effective and easily accessible method of helping people who stutter. There are now many people throughout Europe giving their time freely to help ease the situation for people who stutter. But money is needed to build on the developments to date and to ensure the provision of an efficient infrastructure geared to helping the person who stutters. With limited finance available from local or central government or European funds, resources are currently stretched to the limit. Additional support is urgently needed if progress is to be made. ELSA hopes that this leaflet will convince you of the commitment already shown to tackling this problem throughout Europe.

ELSA can be supported in many ways. For further information and ways in which YOU can help this worthwhile cause please contact the European League of Stuttering Associations by mail, telephone, fax or email.

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